Who are Medicaid fraud Lawyers? Medicaid fraud lawyers are basically lawyers who handle Medicaid fraud defense cases. Read on...

Medicaid fraud lawyers are basically lawyers who handle Medicaid fraud defense cases. They represent people who have or are being investigated by the Bureau of Fraud Investigations for accessing Medicaid benefits in which they were not entitled. They can also successfully defend cases that have been referred to the District Attorney’s office.

Why Do New York residents need NY Medicaid fraud lawyers?

During Medicaid or food stamp fraud application, a lot of information regarding your income is required. Giving false information at this stage is a serious form of fraud since the government relies entirely on the information given to determine eligibility. If your application is approved, the government will end up paying for your household health insurance, which you were not entitled. With time, you’ll have defrauded the government of a lot of money.

Failure to disclose your family income is the most frequent troublemaker. Also, failure to disclose your significant other’s income just because you live separately is part of the trouble. Once an investigation has begun, the issue can quickly escalate to worse scenarios far beyond what you may expect. You’ll normally receive a target letter from the investigator, outlining the nature of the investigation and requesting you to give certain documents to answer particular accusations. In some cases, face-to-face interviews are also requested.

By talking to the Medicaid or food stamp fraud investigator, you’ll be making self-incriminating statements that may be used against you in future. This is where Medicaid attorneys comes in handy. You therefore don’t have to talk to the investigator!

Legal situations concerning Medicaid or food stamp fraud are always extremely complex. So trying to go it all alone or with someone having little or no experience in such matters is like tying a lope tight around your neck. Whether guilty or innocent of the health insurance program, having a professional NY Medicaid fraud lawyer who can provide you with sound advice can either assist you reduce any penalties given. It can also be the best way to arrive to a deciding factor that can prove your innocence. If you’ve received a target letter for Medicaid fraud investigation just call Spodek law group PC today to get a professional representation on your NY Medicaid Fraud case.