Medicaid fraud lawyers NY Who are Medicaid Fraud Lawyers NY?

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If you’ve been involved in a fraudulent issue concerning Medicaid in NY, it is crucial that you seek Medicaid fraud lawyers NY services before it is too late. A conviction of this offense can lead to serious consequences like loss of professional licenses, possible prison time, penalties, and fines. A fraud investigation can result to not only state, but also federal charges.

It is therefore, wise not to ever face the investigator without the guidance or assistance of a NY Medicaid fraud attorney. Failure to look for the Medicaid fraud lawyers services may result to misinterpretation of the information you provide to the investigator. Such information may be used against you later. If presence of fraud is noted, the matter is referred to the District Attorney and you may end up being indicted.

New York Medicaid fraud lawyers are professional criminal defense lawyers who defend NY residents against any charges, inquiries, or allegations of Medicaid fraud or any other community assistance social service such as food stamps. They successfully protect NY State residents by proving that the sales or services were necessary and real.

At the very least, they can successfully discredit the investigation brought against you and give reasonable doubt that you committed any type of fraudulent activity. If there are no other choices available, they will work towards to keep your business operational and reduce the charges against you to a minimum. Having a skilled and dedicated lawyer by your side is very critical as it ensures that all your rights are always protected.

Medicaid fraud is a very serious criminal offense that threatens both your liberty and business. The Medicaid fraud lawyers NY from Spodek Law Group are more than ready to protect you against even the most serious criminal charges of Medicaid fraud. If you or your loved one is under investigation or have been already charged with Medicaid or food stamp fraud, call our defense team soonest possible to receive an unfailing representation.